Double Lives

Contest Name :Wild Card Contest, Submission Date :12-05-2007, Uploaded By : David
Directed By :  David Bryant, ,,
Shot On: canon XL-1, Edited On: Apple FCP,  Crew Members: 0  Duration: 3.15 mins
, , United Kingdom   Views: 472
Inspiration: Good dramatic scenes that concentrate on character.
Other Info: This film was disqualified from Extra cirricular.... for not being a comedy, so I am re-entering it and hope people enjoy it the second time around.

i like that you compare these 2 charactersnice man i love it 
Very good one. I had to think about a theatre play I once played. Two times the same story but still it's so different. One for my shortlist for sure. 
Black and white composition is good. 
great drama, good atmosphere, simple and engaging. 
Excellent camera work. The actors are terrific !!! It's known that the best actors of the world are from Britain, well, here's a confirmation ! Shortlisted. 
Wow!! Hats off to you my friend. As much as the characters juxtapose each other, they still (when they hit each other) are the same person. I liked how you started with the womans' perspective first. Had you started the other way round - it would be interesting to see if audiences react more negatively at the mans violent resolution. Having it this way balances out the outcome. All elements of this film are high standard. Well done! 
very well shot! great hand held work! i must have missed this one the first time! the acting is superb. great concept! i'm actually really surprised your movie was disqualified. I've seen many movies that have done well and were completely off topic! - daanish ("True Colours" pg 7) 
Excellent concept! The editing was superb. Extemely well made overall. 
Thanks to everyone for their kind comments. Just to clarify it was disqualified as Extra curricular... was the only month the competition was genre specific. I guess i was just used to it being open to any genre and missed that info when reading the description! Still, glad I could re-enter it. 
Nice work! Loved your film and nice story. Good work and good luck! - Robin Ehlde "The Bus Stop" Pg 4 
very dramatic....excellent...good performences...overall well made film..... 
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