The Bus Stop

Contest Name :Wild Card Contest, Submission Date :12-28-2007, Uploaded By : Robin
Directed By :  Robin Ehlde, Filmmakers,Stockholm,
Shot On: HDV, Edited On: Premiere Pro 2.0,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.25 mins
, ,    Views: 377
Inspiration: How far would you go when your whole carrier is at stake?
Other Info: A film by Robin Ehlde and Erik Hassel

cool story and very well made. good job (OPIATE) 
Very nice story and a beautifull blonde girl like they only have them in Sweden of course. If it was not so cold there in winter I would move right now :-) 
Good acting, Good film, I was a specting a more dramatic ending, like a little twist, maybe Im starting to alucinate, Im gonna shortlist it. Great Job 
Maybe you can take a look and a opinion on a Xmas Gift p.6 
Loved the frantic tension of trying to get the phone off the girls. Great work overall! 
I really like this snaphot of a moment in life. A familiar diaolog that I think we can all ralate to. A flawless film. Nathan ('Weathered') 
simple yet dramtic...well shot.... 
hehehe... a really calm way to shut up someone you have in Sweden, ah? Poor guy, what happens to him? Went alone walkint to his appointment? 
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