The House Always Wins

Contest Name :Behind Closed Doors, Submission Date :07-16-2008, Uploaded By : Zach
Directed By :  Zach Marion, Summer camp videographer,Bemidji, MN,
Shot On: Canon XHA1, Edited On: Final Cut Studio 1,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.00 mins
Bemidji ,MN , United States   Views: 4049
Inspiration: This film was based on the experiences of someone close to me. I was interested in exploring an addiction beyond substance abuse, especially one that
Other Info: is difficult to detect. Music (c) Cinematography by Mike Bredon.

Nicely done, Zach. I was engaged and interested throughout, and a very nicely set-up ending. Well done.  
Good story, well made. What more can you ask for? Congrats, Brettl-s 
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