Contest Name :Truth OR Dare, Submission Date :08-03-2008, Uploaded By : Leon
Directed By :  Sheridan DeMyers, Filmaka,London,
   Crew Members: 6  Duration: 3.92 mins
London ,London , United Kingdom   Views: 3828
Inspiration: London has recently seen a rise in number of stabbings. New legislation means that witnesses are no longer allowed to testify anonymously.

Really good use of black and white for some of the scenes. It created a very dark and gritty mood. The acting was good. I was a bit confused about the location of Ms. Jones and where she was situated in each scene...a minor nit. I totally dug it! 
Very nicely made film, but it runs nearly 4 minutes. I know Filmaka give us leeway of 20 seconds or so for credits, but this is way over length. Sorry to be picky, as the film is so good. But sadly you've lost my vote. 
The film itself is only 20 seconds over the limit. Credits are not included in the run time 
A powerful piece, great cuts between the scenes 
Well done. The shots looked great and it was well acted. I agree with Randy that I was a little confused about Ms. Jones involvement and motivation. But it had me the whole time. Check out my video Truth Or Dare: The Game Show and let me know what you think 
Powerful indeed... 
Feeling the comments thanks... 
i think this is one of the best produced shorts i've seen, i really liked it. congrats 
awesome work on the b / w scenes 
this is so eerie, my roommate just got back from a trip around Europe and was telling me about the stabbings in London last week. Great work on the shots and intense acting, I don't care if you went over the time limit, once they give us a rule, we have no choice but to break it. 
Great cuts, love the acting. 
Good manipulation of screen time 
Thank you for the support and comments sheridan  
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