A Surprise

Contest Name :Pros and Con Games, Submission Date :11-16-2008, Uploaded By : Jaishankar
Directed By :  Jaishankar Pandit, Ad Film Maker/ Commercials Director,,
Shot On: Video, Edited On: FCP,  Crew Members: 6  Duration: 2.67 mins
Bangalore ,Karanataka , India   Views: 1314
Inspiration: The film is about a lover giving a fake diamond ring to his girlfriend and in the end he discovers there are bigger cons in this world other than him.

great idea and really well made!!! the best ive seen so far! 
A Really nice surprise indeed. Good job. 
That was good. 
Very well executed. Well done! 
excellent pacing, good simple photography capturing the essence of the story with effective narration. Jean-Fran├žois Kelahear 
All the elements of this film work. The sound, cinematography, acting and script are all spot on. Good work! 
That was great, beautiful photography, nice music, good acting, really really smooth, love it. 
excellent job.. one of the best ones so far... go to shortlist.. i love the editing, the photography and the screenplay.. Good luck 
great stuff, man! it looks beautiful, soft, candle-lit. also, very good sense of humor. at first the VO bothered me a bit. it was just TELLING what i wanted it to SHOW. but then i started to like the guy's delivery and cracked up when he says "i was married to her for 5 fuckin' years"... so the guy is basically a creep who jerks women around. but my question is this: how could he NOT like that girl? she is gorgeous! 
A perfect short, you must be a writer, Jaishandar. 
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