The Wretch Whom You Created

Contest Name :School Pix, Submission Date :05-16-2018, Uploaded By : Lily
Directed By :  Lily Sarosi, Hampshire College, Student,,
Shot On: 16mm,   Crew Members: 5  Duration:
Belchertown ,MA , United States   Views: 532
Inspiration: “The Wretch Whom You Created” is a black and white, 16mm, single channel film that is 26 minutes in length. This film is a radical, intersectional, feminist, queer, anti-racist, campy monster movie that actively combats how monstrosity has been constructed through marginalized identities in horror and science fiction cinema and television. Viewers are guided to reflect on how their own prejudices against race, gender, class, ability, and sexuality have been formed through different types of media, specifically ones with characters that are seen as Other, non-human, or sub-human.

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