Standing Still - Chapter One : The Cardinal

Contest Name :Web Series Comp #5-Trapped, Submission Date :03-05-2019, Uploaded By :
Directed By :  Keaton Davis, Television Producer / Videographer,,
Shot On: RED EPIC-W 8K,   Crew Members: 15  Duration:
Austin ,Texas ,    Views: 775
Inspiration: I had many unique experiences working as a professional carpet cleaner during the summer in high school. I was graciously welcomed into many homes to perform our services. While my personal experiences were not quite as colorful as the events of "Standing Still,” they inspired me to note the unique differences between how each of us lives in the privacy of our homes. The main characters of "Standing Still" service wealthy clientele, while in real life our clients were living below the poverty line. Throughout that summer, I met many talented people who were trapped by their socioeconomic surroundings. I’ve always thought about how different their lives could have been if they had been provided different opportunities. Many of these encounters and stories have made their way into the fabric of "Standing Still."

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