Inside Job Competition

Congratulations to the winners of Inside Job Competition, Filmaka's 10th competition of the new season!

1st Place Winner ($2500 ): Jakob Skrzypa & Luke Mitchell for "Cambodian Coffee Lockdown"
2nd Place Winner ($1500 ): Elliot C Rosen for "Urination Complication"
3rd Place Winner: ($750 ) Jonas Suchadolskas for "Inside job "

The three winners receive cash prizes and are eligible to participate in Filmaka's Final Competition to win a chance to make a fully-financed feature film.

Urination Complication BY Elliot C
Contest Name: Inside Job Submission Date :03-01-2019, Uploaded By : Elliot C
Directed By :  Elliot C Rosen, videographer,,
Inspiration: Western comedy


ron reid

this is so funny!!!

Rebecca Both

she totally could not find an INSIDE JOB!! lol

Anshul Joshi

Loved this! Shot so well! Congrats on being #2 with a film about #1.
Cambodian Coffee Lockdown-Jakob Cambodian Coffee Lockdown
Directed By Jakob

First Place $2500
Urination Complication-Elliot Urination Complication
Directed By Elliot

Second Place $1500
inside job -Jonas inside job
Directed By Jonas

Third Place $750