the invitation Competition

Congratulations to the winners of THE INVITATION, Filmaka's first competition of the new season!

The entrants had one month to submit a 3-5 min. short in the horror genre with the theme "The Invitation."

1st Place Winner: Katelyn Kapp for "The Invitation"
2nd Place Winner: Dawn Natalia for "The Carpenter"
3rd Place Winner: Busted Bunny Films for "Bunny"

The three winners receive cash prizes and are eligible to participate in Filmaka's Final Competition to win a chance to make a fully-financed feature film.

"The Invitation" by Katelyn Kapp. First Place $2500 Prize Money Winner:
Contest Name: The Invitation Submission Date :10-02-2017, Uploaded By : Katelyn
Directed By :  Katelyn Kapp, Director,,
Inspiration: Was inspired by all the creepy nights when I had to close up shop alone.

Jury's Comments

Mark Brown
{Jury Member}

Well shot. Concise storyline. Enjoyed the build up and suspense.

Roberta Hanley
{Jury Member}

I felt "The Invitation" by Katelyn Kapp had a fear that was tangible and based on potentially real circumstances that would be achievable tastefully by the director. With support this filmmaker would manage to find a plot that would be hair raising if she had the opportunity to pursue her ideas. It started with a feeling we all share and circumstances we all know so well. She didn’t have a single element that took me out of the storytelling. It was riveting. I was put in the experience by the filmmaker and I was scared. The director reminded me of Sophia Coppola in her understated style.
The Invitation-Katelyn The Invitation
Directed By Katelyn

First Place $2500
The Carpenter-Dawn The Carpenter
Directed By Dawn

Second Place $1500
Bunny-Busted Bunny
Directed By Busted

Third Place $750