THE Rivalry Competition

Congratulations to the winners of The Rivalry Competition, Filmaka's 9th competition of the new season!

1st Place Winner: Paul Chambers for "Small Hours and Bin Men"
2nd Place Winner: Serhat Caradee for "Z Block - sizzler"
3rd Place Winner: Zahir Kahn for "Circle"

(The previous third place winner was disqualified because it didn't meet Filmaka's Competition Terms and Conditions.)

The three winners receive cash prizes and are eligible to participate in Filmaka's Final Competition to win a chance to make a fully-financed feature film.

"I was very impressed by everyone's submissions. Your commitment to filmmaking is wonderful. The cinematography, VFX, editing, performances were all very inspiring. Keep up the good work filmmakers!! -Mädchen Amick

"Film making has entered a new era : technology and ever higher standards from mainstream film making, is reflected by the directors, producers and DPs you see on Filmaka. The resulting quality of the film is, on many occasions , comparable with the best out there. -Tim Delaney

Z Block - sizzler BY Serhat Caradee
Contest Name: The Rivalry Submission Date :01-04-2019, Uploaded By : Serhat Caradee
Directed By :  Serhat Caradee, Director,,
Inspiration: Z Block, a short sizzler. James Davrick and his crew are about to escape prison whilst there is a riot on. But Davrick has a few enemies that want to deal with him first. He must fight his way through these thugs... But there is a big surprise at the end that he doesn't know about...


Zahir Kahn

Great fight choreography!!

Angela White

I second that - fight choreography was great. Also, the shots were so well done. Nice work

Karam Ezzideen

The script was lacking and there was no character development. The editing was a bit excessive but the fight choreography was pretty impressive.


This is a little short surprise! Great filmmaking.

Tim Delaney
{Jury Member}

Excellent and believable fight scenes, which are difficult to pull off. And a spooky ending - in a good way. Accomplished film making.

Charlie Newbury

Oh man this was cool! reminded me of The Raid.

Trish Carmody

Incredible shots, editing and filmmaking. The acting and choreography were top class also. Well done to all involved.
Small Hours and Bin Men-Paul Small Hours and Bin Men
Directed By Paul

First Place $2500
Z Block - sizzler-Serhat Z Block - sizzler
Directed By Serhat

Second Place $1500
Circle -Zahir Circle
Directed By Zahir

Third Place $750