Congratulations to the winners of Filmaka's 4th Documentary competition.

1st Place Winner : Soheil Salimi for "Journey To War With An Actor"
2nd Place Winner : Duy Vu for "Uncle Thanh's Family "
3rd Place Winner: Rodney Kimbagu for "Lituka: A Story of Courage & Entrepreneurship"

Lituka: A Story of Courage and Entrepreneurship BY Rodney Kimbangu
Contest Name: Documentary Competition #4 Submission Date :08-24-2019, Uploaded By : Rodney Kimbangu
Directed By :  Rodney Kimbangu, Filmmaker,,
Inspiration: This short documentary is a story of courage, entrepreneurship, problem-solving, and extreme recycling. It shows how a young boy, from a financially challenged background, created his own luck and started to make charcoal stoves to help himself, and his family. My team and I filmed this in 2017, and I am still working with the edits to this day. This short is part of a larger and more detailed movie yet to come.


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Journey To War With An Actor-Soheil Journey To War With An Actor
Directed By Soheil

First Place $500
Uncle Thanh's Family-Duy Uncle Thanh's Family
Directed By Duy

Second Place $350
Lituka: A Story of Courage and Entrepreneurship-Rodney Lituka: A Story of Courage and Entrepreneurship
Directed By Rodney

Third Place $150