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Uncle Thanh's Family

Contest Name :Documentary Competition #4, Submission Date :08-24-2019, Uploaded By : Duy
Directed By :  Duy Vu, Student,,
Shot On: Iphone 8,   Crew Members: 3  Duration:
Villanova ,PA , United States   Views: 5216
Inspiration: I went to Saigon, a beautiful city in Vietnam, this Summer and had a chance to meet this kind-hearted man on the streets. His name is Thanh and he has been saving unfortunate dogs for 20 years. Although he is homeless and works an extremely low-paid job, he still spends all of his money to take care of the dogs.

Nice bro!! 
This video is so touching 💔💔 The simple is the happiness, nice guy ✨ 
Nice documentary! True happiness is always the simple act of giving away. 
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