Contest Name :The Secret, Submission Date :04-30-2007, Uploaded By : B
Directed By :  Alec Christie, Producer,London,
   Crew Members: 3  Duration: 3.00 mins
, , United Kingdom   Views: 2453
Inspiration: The stand up comedy of Steel Wallis
Other Info: The trick was to get the actors to find the moment where he reveals the real reason for the weekend away, and for her to realise that he had proposed.

A lovely, engaging, intimate moment in time. Thanks. 
Great acting caring on a great dialogue. Nice work! 
Thank you for that. Sasha and Steel are both great actors and they worked so well together. Steel wrote the script. I think it's a lovely scene. 
I am glad you felt that. That was very much how I was hoping people would react. The joy of directing this was when the actors found that moment. 
It is really tricky to have good dialogue in movies.. but you guys managed.. very well done. Thumbs up! 
That's all thanks to Steel Wallis. He wrote the script and performed in the film. Talented guy. 
Wonderful acting and right-on witty dialogue. 
Thanks Brandon. I appreciate your comments. 
good characterisation of the actors ,,keep it up 
I wish I'd seen this earlier, because I think I copied your film! Mine is even called, "The Proposal." If I'd known I was going to copy it, I'd have let the guy get the girl as well. It's much more charming. Keep up the good work! (And keep your writer). Looking forward to more. 
Thanks Nicholas. There's nothing copied about an age old story of boy meets girl. I saw the Proposal and really enjoyed it. Great acting. Keep your actors. 
Thanks Aliakbar. They are fantastic actors. More to come. 
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