Contest Name :The Prophecy, Submission Date :06-29-2007, Uploaded By : Aliakbar
Directed By :  Daniel Stephenson, Student/Filmmaker,Luton,
Shot On: Mini dv, Edited On: Final Cut,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.92 mins
, , United Kingdom   Views: 356
Inspiration: Spy Games
Other Info: The entire film completed in 24 hours

this had some great shot! loved the zoom in/zoom out transition at 0:33. Had me guessing throughout! good job! 
thanks Daanish!!! 
i like it, i keep asking me how everthing happen, i guess thats goos. watch minute by fernando reyes 
Good job. For a student, and for 24 hours, you should be pleased. natebower(Belief) 
Good for a student, better than most the 'adults' if you ask me. 
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