Contest Name :Home for the Holidays, Submission Date :11-27-2007, Uploaded By : S
Directed By :  STANKA GJURIC, ,,
Shot On: 2007., Edited On: 2007.,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 3.23 mins
, ,    Views: 420

different take on the theme Stanka! a very realistic film! -Daanish and David ("Home for the Holidays" pg. 3) 
Awww this is adorable. Nice job! -Brian ("Christmas in Reno") 
that was very cute but very random! Ah its all good fun good job son!'home for xmas' danyl stephenson 
unique style and emotional singing carla egerer (dreamdog girl in bagdad) 
Interesting. Unusual. Love the kids. Good luck with it. Anastasia (at home on others' holidays) a Croation Menudo Christmas Special with girls! -Randy Hines ("Suburban Holidays", "Decorations") 
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