Home For The Holidays

Contest Name :Home for the Holidays, Submission Date :12-01-2007, Uploaded By : Daanish
Directed By :  Daanish Wain and David Billinghurst, students,canada,
Shot On: DVX, Edited On: final cut,  Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.23 mins
, ,    Views: 457
Inspiration: Friday Night Lights
Other Info: Sorry about the skipping music towards the end. Rendering was giving us lots of trouble. Other then that hope you enjoy.

Yo Daanish and David, good stuff on this film. Good use of raw emotion and great job creating the awkwardness that would be a situation like this! Short listed for sure!Check out "A Tail of Two Holidays" A comedy action short about the Easter Bunny and Santa ... page 3 
Liked it! Different and yet perfect for the theme. Good luck! 
Good job guys great film! Really well written and shot! good luck Daniel Stephenson 'Home for Xmas' 
Good work. Nice performances! Loved the younger actor in particular, and his moving voice over in the end. Question: is it ok that the film runs over 3 mins in length? I'm seeing that in a lot of the films. Great job, and good luck! -Brian ("Christmas in Reno") 
thanks james! yours was terrific! 
thank you manjiri. we tried to be a little bit different but still stick to the holiday theme! 
thanks for the compliment daniel! 
thanks for the comment! well they are supposed to stay to 3 mins or less but i find a lot of the movies go a few seconds over as well. I don't think your penalized if it's only a few seconds, atleast i hope not haha 
Good Job. I liked the storytelling a lot. Good luck. Detlef ('Going home for the holidays') 
Very cool job, you guys ! keep up the good work ! Maxime (Christine's Christmas Big Adventure) 
good acting and well directed overall. the short comes together very nicely. you've managed to tell a good story with well built characters in 3 minutes! Great job, for me, your best short so far! Daniel Barosa (The bedtime story of the girl...) 
dude.. very nice.. great concept.. for this i will give you a poke and a vote. 
Good direction. You have shown so much in just 3 min. 
Cool concept. Well done! 
Good acting, the lady acts pretty well. Hope you see my new short (a xmas gift)- Wildcard Contest 
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