Contest Name :Truth OR Dare, Submission Date :08-01-2008, Uploaded By : Eliana
Directed By :  Eliana De Paolis, creative producer,Rome, italy,
   Crew Members: 30  Duration: 1.50 mins
rome ,italy , Italy   Views: 729 Other Info: That is the question: "Tell your friends the truth or dare to party in an unconventional way?"

Haha funny ending. Cool editing throughout. Nice job! 
Loved this. You rock. Nice one. 
Eliana, Very fun! Keep it up lady! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Delfine 
loved it, great punchline 
Ah ah ah... still laughing... strong concept. Proprio proprio bello. Complimenti. 
lovely !! sweet visuals! 
funny-loved the use of split/multiple screens. I love the young ladies line. 
Hahaha, laugh out loud funny, cheers! 
Thanks everybody :) 
That Was Awesome. I cirtenly hope that is not based off true Events.. (haha) Keep up the great work.  
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