Contest Name :The Party, Submission Date :01-12-2009, Uploaded By : J
Directed By :  J Pinder, writer/director,,
   Crew Members: 4  Duration: 3.42 mins
LA ,CA , United States   Views: 656
Inspiration: On December 20th 2012 Levi is up on the roof to usher in the end of the world. Jared, who's downstairs at the party, comes up to get Levi down.

Hmmm nice lighting! Favorite. 
This is an enjoyable short! I really loved the acting, and the lighting was nice contrasted with the dark backdrop. Great work! 
good story... cast... camerawork... wow 
Amazing dialouge. In my opinion, the script is what makes this a great short. One of the best shorts in this competition. 
Oh, and the acting makes this great too. Very nicely done. 
Original, I like the way you worked on this subject. 
This one was really quite good. Here I was, sitting here, expecting the world to end at the end, but really... a new world was opened up for him through the girl. Beautiful! Great acting to. I'm going to start saying 'Cee-ooo-tie pie.' Haha, great short. 
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