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Biography Being a filmmaker isnít a choice. Itís my predestination. Imagine youíre standing before a Picaso while listening to Mozart. You turn around and view a performance of Hamlet against a deep mountainous backdrop. You take a picture. Now imagine youíre in a movie theater watching the Lion King. Hans Zimmer tantalizes you his with beautiful background chords. The colors and depth from twenty-four frames a second dilates your pupils and excites the mind. The modern day rendition of Hamlet leaves you thinking and discussing with your friends about symbology, ideologies and emotions that were stirred while watching. The film medium truly is the ultimate art. While every art form can invoke emotions from an audience, and possess a told and untold story, only film combines each of these mediums into one entity that takes art itself to a level far beyond anything ever imagined. It was Thanksgiving dinner, about twenty people at the table. I was six years old, all eyes on me as I had stopped speaking at the climax of a story. Sweat gathered in my nervous pours. Not a sound in the room. This was my first audience. I quickly realized the awesome power of story telling. My future was set. I will always be a musician, a painter, and a sculptor. And I will always be a filmmaker, because through filmmaking I can reach the largest audience. I can convey messages across class and racial lines. I can touch people on an emotional level. I can lead actors and a crew set on a common goal. Most importantly, I can entertain the masses, giving them a possible escape from their every day. I am a filmmaker because I am unbelievably passionate about story tellingís ability to reach people through the ultimate art of filmmaking.

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