Contest Name :Race Against The Clock, Submission Date :09-28-2009, Uploaded By : Max
Directed By :  Max Nguyen, Multimedia Artist,,
   Crew Members: 3  Duration: 1.42 mins
Houston ,Tx , United States   Views: 1111
Inspiration: What would you say if you had 60 seconds to avoid some damage?

good... made me laugh... love the cryptic chicken 
Hilarious. Absurdism. I like that. 
Great job. . 
one word SMART. Good editing... shortlisted. Please give your feedback on my film '4*60 seconds'. 
ROFLMAO! Loved it! Started off making me believe something evil, and then? Good ending! Good everything. Please watch my entry, 'Deadline'. 
Haha good job. Yeah you never want to get involved with anyone called Scorpio, you're just asking for trouble.  
Funny short, for a moment I thought it was serious. 
man this is so funny i watched it twice. 'The Chief' certainly looked like he had a devious plan up one of those pooches. 
Great dialogue, and excellent vocal casting for the lead. Chief was aan interesting villain. well done! Please check out "Sands of Time" 
LOL!!!!!!!! hahaha good use of footage mate ...:) 
I agree with Gene the guy doing the voiceover is classic... I like how it slowly gets more and more ridiculous 
Yeah dude, that is some funny shit. I particularly like 'Scorpio.' Simple yet very comedically effective. ------Director of 'The Time Is Now'------- 
hahahahah...intelligent concept and execution.. 
A great little tease, nice editing, makes you want to see more, and thus, effective and funny. 
Big laugh at the end there. Really funny film, loved the escalating progression of the odd. 
Very nicely done. 
It was obvious from voice of narrator that it is not serious, but it ended rapid enough to gain confuse of the viewer. Some find it funny, me personally not. It does have some effect which some of the films I watched here lack. Good luck! 
HAHAHAHAAHA, dude this help with my flu... I laugh sooo hard. Thank you!!! 
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