Documentary Competition

September 21, 2019

Length, Theme, Genre:
-Submit a 3 to 5 min. original Short that you directed specifically for this competition.

-Your Short should be inspired by the topic/theme:

-Your Short can be in any genre.

-You have 12 weeks to submit your Short, along with the Synopsis or Script of the film you would like to direct, should your film get selected and you win the Grand Prize. There is no guarantee that the Synopsis or Script you submit, will be the film you will direct. Filmaka/Riverstone reserves the right to give the Grand Prize Winner a different script that it designates for you to direct, instead of the one you submitted to the competition.

Competition Dates:
September 21st, 2019 to December 14th, 2019 PST. 12 weeks.

Competition Winners Announced: On or about January 22nd, 2020.

Who owns the rights to the Short I submit?
The rights to the Short you submit to the Final Competition belong to Filmaka. Please see Filmaka's Competition Terms and Conditions. Filmaka's Competition Terms and Conditions apply to the Final Competition.

Who owns the rights to the Synopsis or Script I submit?
Should you win the Grand Prize, AND the Synopsis or Script you submitted is selected as the feature that you will direct, Filmaka/Riverstone will negotiate the purchase price in good faith. If you are NOT the Grand Prize Winner, the rights to the Synopsis or Script revert back to you (this applies to the Second and Third Place Winners as well).

Production Value: The production value of your Short is up to you, but you can take a look at shorts that have been submitted throughout Season 1, for reference.

Bio, Filmography, Photo: You must submit your bio and filmography, and your photo, along with your Short, and your Synopsis or Script.

Delivery Items: You must upload all the required Delivery Items (see Delivery Rules on the Filmaka website) electronically signed with DOCUSIGN (free for a 30 day trial), along with your Short, and the Synopsis or Script you would like to direct should you win the Grand Prize. The Master of your Short should be sent via We Transfer or We Send It, or a similar service to:

Delivery Forms: When delivering your Short, you must use Filmaka Releases ONLY (Music Release, Location Release, Writer's Assignment, Talent Release) found under the Delivery Rules on the Filmaka site. No other forms will be accepted.

Music: Per Filmaka's Music Release, you need to use royalty-free music or, you may use third-party music provided the third party has given you the rights to use the music for viewing in all formats, non-exclusively, for worldwide use, in perpetuity, without the need for any further compensation. This contract will need to be supplied to us along with your Delivery items.

How many competitors are there? There will be up to 44 competitors submitting to the Final Film Competition.

How many winners are there and what do they win?
There are 3 (three) winners who will win the following awards:
- The Grand Prize Winner (first place winner) will direct a low-budget feature film, in conjunction with Filmaka/Riverstone. All decisions relating to the feature film will be taken solely by Filmaka and Riverstones, including the budget, and will be considered final.
-Second Place will be awarded $5000.
-Third Place will be awarded $2500.

Who will choose the three winners of the Final Film competition?
Please refer to Filmaka's Competition Terms and Conditions that you will agree to when you upload your Short, and your Synopsis or Script, to this competition. They can be found here, or at the footer of the Filmaka website.

Final Competition Terms and Conditions: There are no separate T&C's for the Final Competition. Filmaka's Competition Terms and Conditions apply.