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It's a long story.. I studied graphic design for 4 years (degree) before moving to London and working for a comedy production company called Zeppotron, (I had seen their stuff on TV and really liked it) who had just been bought by Endelmol (the biggest production company in the world) While in Zeppotron I was designing intro sequences and directing and editing live action sketches for mobile giants THREE (Hutchenson Whompao) I was part of a crack team making mobile comedy content including animation, video and mms. At the same time Zeppotron were making programmes for Channel 4, so I had the oppertunity to be involved in them, both in a design/motion graphics sense and actually performing in the shows. I though it was all great fun so I decided to shoot a pilot tv sketch show with two friends called the lovely show. We showed it to TV3 in Ireland and they liked it, they didn't have the budget to commission an original series but the commissioning editor and I came up with a new show called wonderscreen. I was really interested in short films at the time, particularly the sort of stuff I was seeing on the onedotzero label, people mixing live action and animation etc. So we decided to make wonderscreen, a 13 x half hour series showcasing the very best short films and animations from around the world. I moved back to Dublin after 2 years in London and produced the series, which was cool. I then had such a taste for shorts that I wanted to try making one for myself. So I wrote a few scripts and sent them to the Irish Film Board asking for a commission through their 'short shorts' scheme. They commissioned "Changes" and gave me 15k to make it. So we set up Lovely Productions properly and made the short which went on to win loads of awards and did really well online. Due to it's success I was approached my MTV to make another short "Tru Lav". I made that and then entered a little competition for Sony which we won (for a live piece called Sonny) Sony then commission a short for the launch of their PSP, giving me the word "Curiosity" to work with. Through these pieces of content circulating we started to get some interesting and well paid commercial work at the same time as making another short DEFACED for the film board. Inevitably I was asked to do some music videos too, which I really liked the idea of, although the budgets are usually pretty tight.. But they were great for learning new things and testing out ideas. At the moment I'm working on a feature film script, making mobile content for Carlsberg, working on commercials and music videos. I do want to start making a features though as I like a project to be big and all consuming so that I can really get into it. Commercials are like sprinting, they are always really hard going and fast but they learn tons and get much faster at making things but a nice juicy feature project is what I'm after at the moment, something to consume my brain. So if you have a story you think I could tell well please get in touch!

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