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Well, After university and an attempt in Commercial ingeneer, I began my carrer by playing in the musical "Cats", the rum tum tiger, in front of a huge audience(cos it was free) in holidays in an amateur company at 18 years old, trying to dance ballet jazz and sing...when i look at the video ...a funny nightmare (with my false hair and home made make up)...anyway a good souvenir. More seriously, i worked with Russian Gitis Director whom tought me part of chekhov and Stanislavsky "method", i loved to work with Necrosius, for La Biennale de Venezia in "the Seagull" from Anton Chekhov, i love the theatre invisible of Augusto Boal so I directed a false play with actors of totally different playing style and after 5 minutes of this strange funny or awful meal, a policeman a and an actor(who had been supposedly fired from de company) enter the theatre and stop the play because he mentionned that he used to be in the cast but i had fired him and it was his personnal story and told me that i could not stage it...with false public...a very interesting moment. Sorry for my English For the momentI m playing in a TV serie called "Melting pot cafe" for Belgian eurochannel tv as a gay Barman, a supporting role. i played in short movies(+-40) among them "les professionnels" de D Cooreman, Carlo and Haun de M roskham. Worked a full day with Luc Besson(what an experience) as a main character for an advertising. By formation I m a singer too and recently i began organising in the city "positive Action" to make the people take time to think about how fast we are going, it is like flash mob but with a message, next event will be a huge Human Domino along the French-dutch speaking belgian boarder ... The group is called freezing belgium on facebook. Feel free to join Otherwise as everybody i write my feelings when i m traveling and i take stupid sunset pics that nobody will see except my mother, me...and my children i still do not have. Peace

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