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Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and raised in Reseda CA, Ron Moon led a more than average life. Growing up in a loud and ethnic household, mixed with outside life in the sunny San Fernando Valley, Moon acquired an early taste for attention. Starting off doing theatre as a child, he wrote, starred, and directed a D.A.R.E. play in elementary school. Ron’s love for the center stage followed him into classrooms, social groups, and even into the living room of his own home. It wasn’t long before the young thespian hit the auditioning world. Studying theatre and film at SDSU, Ron decided to take a break from school and backpack across Europe for 7 months. When he returned, he knew what he wanted, and went for it. It wasn’t long before Ron became an award-winning director, blasting onto the independent film scene in 2006 with The Red Hot Interview, a 20 minute comedy produced for under $250.00! Ron now has a number of films under his belt, and is gearing up to shoot his first feature film. In his own words: “I’m a self-proclaimed renaissance man. I’m a firm believer in the notion that there can be only one! So if/when I run into my doppelgä help me god, I'll fight him/her to the death! I only drink Ginger Ale on airplanes. I love random facts, and useless Sweden once used tulip bulbs for currency! And the average American spends two weeks of their life...waiting for stoplights to turn green! I've never been to Boston. I think funny people are hilarious. I think bored people are the downfall of this country. I'm a professional people watcher. I love pie. I love live music. I live for twisted humor. I think COSTCO is communism. I love interesting conversations, but just shut up for a second and let me talk. I love indie flix. I love indie rock. I love indians! ...Please watch my movies.”

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