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Daniel Lahr is the creator of Country Studios. He had a dream when he was nine years old that he would one day own a film studio that would revolutionize the filmmaking industry. <br> Today, stages to acheive Daniel Lahr's dreams are coming faster than ever. He and his loyal crew and cast members create movies that captivate viewers. <br> Born March 28, 1983, Daniel Lahr has already recieved awards and high honors in his filmmaking. He was one of four finalist in the 2003 Santa Barbara Film Festival Rosebud competion (Blood, Sweat & Tears). He also recieved a special award from the School of Media Arts at Santa Barbara City College in 2002 for "Dogwood Creek". In 2004 "The California Hundred" won "Best Cinematography" and in 2007, "End of a Rope" won "Best Production." <br> He has just won the Santa Barbara International Film Festival's 10-10-10 filmmaking competition where he had 10 days to make a 10 minute film. "Metal Detector Man" is by far his best work. <br> One of his latest film, "End of a Rope" has taken off and recieved the most award nominations and honors of any film every produced at Country Studios. It is the first film by Country Studios and Daniel Lahr to ever make it into professional film festivals. For only a budget of $500, it was nominated for "Best Costumes" up against film with budgets more than a thousand times more! <br> The start of his profesional carreer landed him at CafeFX as an intern in the Editorial department. Later, he became a Visual Effects Editor Assistant and recieved his first "on screen" credits on "Stephen King's THE MIST" in November 2007. He also worked on Spiderman 3, "The Happening", "Nim's Island", "The Kite Runner", and worked heavily on the award winning HBO miniseries "John Adams." <br> Daniel recieved his Associates in Arts in Film Productions at Santa Barbara City College in 2005. He also completed the USC's Summer Production Workshop for the School of Cinema and Television. There he made a film (The Kid) that was voted "Best In Class" and was sent to the summer's film festival at USC. He is now at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. <br> Daniel was born and raised in the Santa Barbara County in California. Growing up on a ranch for most of his young life, he had pleanty of room for his imagination to run wild. He is also the 10th generation in his family to live in California. If you do the math, that reaches all the way back to the time of the first Spanish explores crossing on Californian soil. Needless to say, he's proud to be a Californian.

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