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Hey Filmaka, This is my Biography. My name is David Lehre. I am a Director/Producer/Editor/Actor/Producer/All around nice guy. I have had lots of success in my 10 years making movies. Cliffnotes: I made one of the most downloaded movies of all time, Myspace: The Movie. (Over 60+ million hits and counting) This launched my career into new heights when I was only 21. ABC's 20/20 came to my house and did a profile on me, I was in GQ's "Men of the Year" issue, Esquire Magazine's Hot 100 list (Both Number 50 & 51!!) and global news outlets around the world ran stories about me. Soon, (after taking meetings with the biggest networks/studios in the world) I signed a deal with FOX for my own TV show. They gave me & my friends lots of money to basically have fun & make the best show possible. Me and my friends were given 4 New cars from Chrysler (Crossfires) and featured on HBO's Entourage. I moved to LA (from Detroit, Michigan) 3 years ago. I immediately signed a deal with MTV to host & produce a new show with them. I starred in EPIC MOVIE with Kal Penn and it became the highest grossing movie of that month. I was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Talking about my new campaign for T-Mobile & Sidekick. I've created successful and big campaigns for Nokia, DirectTV, Ozzy Osbourne, Mattel, Yolplait, Nikon, Ford and 20th Century Fox. I currently am featured on a new MTV show called "The Seven" which airs every day, live at 5PM. I am in charge of all the pop culture short films, music videos and comedy skits. I love making movies, creating dynamic ad campaigns and working with my talented group of friends that I call Vendetta Studios. If you'd like more info or to dive deeper into the topics above, check out my official website, Thanks and have a great day! -DL

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