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At a young age Victoria Lea Rudd fell in love with the magic of the Entertainment Industry. Every aspect of the business intrigued her. Writing, performing, directing, producing, selling ticket to her back yard plays, being in the audience, it didn’t matter. She loved the excitement of it all. She loved the way it made her feel. There was only one small obstacle she faced which was God dropping her seed in the wrong state. Victoria Lea Rudd was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Growing up as the youngest in a single parent household she learned to be the funny girl and jokester. Laughter, sarcasm, jokes, became a part of her essence that engrained itself deeper in her as she grew up. Comedy was what life was about. Comedy made life make more sense. Loving the TV she spent the majority of time watching the reruns of the good old day reruns of Mr. Ed, MASH, I love Lucy, and Bewitched. Needless to say, anything on TV was preferred to homework. And why not, living in a created fantasy world can be so much more fun….especially when you’re the star. Now being the combined egg of her mother and sperm of her father she learned more lessons than most her age. Her mother being a counselor taught Victoria the fundamental principles of Psychology, which to this day has been a valuable tool that she implements in each character that she creates. Her father being a lawyer taught her the golden lesson of verbal gymnastics which sharpened her wit. She also realized the necessity of studying the art of body language. The subtle play of individuals core internal beliefs always shine through. Being the youngest she had her older sister to watch and learn from. One of the mainly lessons she learned was that with time she would win at their childhood game of “mercy” and pulling hair. Her grandmother played a pivotal role in raising her and from this relationship she learned the lessons of never giving up and to always stand tall in the face of the unknown. Although, Victoria graduated Lamar High School at the top of her class, in three years, with scholarships for the Business Marketing Program called DECA her thoughts were never on furthering her education through books and college. She didn’t care about the college experience. She knew her path and destiny was in Hollywood. It took Victoria a little longer to make her move to the Hollyland but make it she did. Jumping in a moving truck with her dogs and boy friend they drove 31 hour to the place where dreams are made. Where she will be made. To be continued………………

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