Off The Grid Competition

Congratulations to the winners of filmaka's "Off the Grid" periodic competition #5.

1st Place Winner: Keaton Davis for "To Know You"
2nd Place Winner: Berin Tuzlic for "I run away even if I am not guilty"
3rd Place Winner: Jade Sleiman for "Barzakh"

The three winners receive cash prizes and are eligible to participate in Filmaka's Final Competition to win a chance to make a fully-financed feature film.

I run away even if I am not guilty BY Berin Tuzlic
Contest Name: Off the Grid Submission Date :03-26-2018, Uploaded By : Berin Tuzlic
Directed By :  Berin Tuzlić, Director,,
Inspiration: In Heart of Europe, city of Sarajevo begins the story of ordinary person who lives all his life on the run, even when he is guilty or not. His life would be ordinary If he would stop gathering his friends with whom he wants to have fun, and to live normal life without any problem. But the problem was that some of his friends were present on this world, while some of them weren’t. Anyways, he finds the place where he will gather all his friends and make a party.  At the end of the movie they will all realize that there is always someone who will come uninvited to the party.


film Critics

Nice Animation, Great Work

Luis Fernandez-Gil

Love the hidden messages
To Know You-KeatonTo Know You
Directed By Keaton

First Place $2500
I run away even if I-BerinI run away even if I
Directed By Berin

Second Place $1500
Directed By Jad

Third Place $750