Off The Grid Competition

Congratulations to the winners of filmaka's "Off the Grid" periodic competition #5.

1st Place Winner: Keaton Davis for "To Know You"
2nd Place Winner: Berin Tuzlic for "I run away even if I am not guilty"
3rd Place Winner: Jade Sleiman for "Barzakh"

The three winners receive cash prizes and are eligible to participate in Filmaka's Final Competition to win a chance to make a fully-financed feature film.

Barzakh BY Jade Sleiman
Contest Name: Off the Grid Submission Date :04-30-2018, Uploaded By : Jade Sleiman
Directed By :  Jad Sleiman, Film maker,,
Inspiration: Barzakh (Arabic: برزخ, from Persian barzakh, "barrier, partition") is an Arabic word meaning "obstacle", "hindrance", "separation", or "barrier".


Jardiel Quezada

Great use of imagery

Joshua Belinfante

Some really powerful imagery in this

Gregg Masuak

Really enjoyed this - showing how simple, evocative imagery can be as powerful as performance in the right hands.

Dominic West
{Jury Member}

Good music & photography. Haunting.
To Know You-KeatonTo Know You
Directed By Keaton

First Place $2500
I run away even if I-BerinI run away even if I
Directed By Berin

Second Place $1500
Directed By Jad

Third Place $750