Testimonial by Victor Vongpraseuth
Submission Date :02-24-2019, Uploaded By : Victor Vongpraseuth

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"Filmaka kept me filming like crazy, it was the push I needed to every month try to improve my work." -Daniel Barosa
"Since my early days as a member of the FILMAKA community, I have experienced this online studio's authentic desire to nurture and develop my creativity and skill as a filmmaker. FILMAKA has empowered me to create truly potent and engaging work while always considering how best my work can achieve its full commercial potential. FILMAKA embraces the art and the commerce--a potent combination. It's the real thing." -Varda Hardy

"I think Filmaka is the perfect playground for upcoming filmmakers and talents. The short format calls for a strong vision, precision, and extreme creativity -whats not to like;)" -Fili Seifert