How it works:

-Submit your original documentary Short and you may win a cash prize along with the opportunity to enter Filmaka’s Final Documentary Competition.

-Three winners per competition cycle will be selected and awarded cash prizes

Details about the competition:

The Filmaka Member creates a 3-5 min. Short about any topic in the documentary genre and uploads it to the Site within the timeframe specified by Filmaka.

Up to three (3) winners will be selected by vote of Members, Registered Users, and Filmaka executives. The top three (3) documentary Shorts will win first, second and third place based on the number of votes each documentary Short receives.

First place prize is Seven Hundred Fifty Dollars ($500).
Second place prize is Five Hundred Dollars ($350).
Third place prize is Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($150).

All three (3) prize winners of each Periodic Documentary Competition (up thirty-six [36] prize winners total) shall have the right to enter a new Short into a Final Documentary Competition pursuant to Paragraph 6 below outlined below.

Documentary Final Competitions and Prizes for Films

At the end of twelve (12) documentary Periodic Competitions, three (3) prize winners of each Periodic Competition (thirty-six [36] prize winners total) shall have the right to enter a new documentary Short into a documentary Final Competition, along with no more than eight (8) other documentary Short entries, selected by executives of Filmaka.

For each documentary Final Competition, entrants submit a new documentary Short about the topic that they want to make their full-length documentary about. The new documentary Short can be about the same topic as their previous documentary Short or it can be about a new topic.

From the thirty-six (36) to forty-four entries (44), one (1) grand prize winner will be selected by Filmaka executives to make a full-length documentary produced by Filmaka.