End Game Competition

Congratulations to the winners of End Game Competition, Filmaka's 12th competition of the new season!

1st Place Winner ($2500 ): Anshul Joshi for "Dream Play"
2nd Place Winner ($1500 ): Tony Mendez for "Questions After Ed Mabrey"
3rd Place Winner: ($750 ) Pamela Roca for "Left Untold"
3rd Place Winner: ($750 ) Sara Lohman for "Smokeless"

The four winners receive cash prizes and are eligible to participate in Filmaka's Final Competition to win a chance to make a fully-financed feature film.

"One of the most eclectic slates I've seen on Filmaka made this an exceedingly hard decision. From a very simple but powerful performance-based concept to a sprawling, futuristic informercial, to some highly non linear and personal stories about grief. It made our job as judges exceedingly difficult, which I don't appreciate, but on the other hand it's a great sign of the breadth of talent emerging all over the world. When I weigh the pros and cons - my desire to watch the season finale of Legion vs the future of cinema- I suppose it was worth it. Congratulations to everyone, even the people I didn't vote for, they all did great work." -Zak Penn

"I always enjoy seeing and voting on our future filmmakers. Great job to everyone who participated. Keep telling your stories!" -Mädchen Amick

Contest Name: End Game Submission Date :06-02-2019, Uploaded By : PAMELA ROCA
Directed By :  PAME ROCA, Director,,


Scott Sullivan

Well-written and great selection of imagery.

Bernard Peasley

thank you for producing a gentle, emotonal, non-violent film. It was well scripted, acted and filmed - bravo.

Cameron Woodle

Intense feelings while watching this, great job Pamela!

Anshul Joshi

Nicely done!

Mary Ascat

me encanta!! sencillamente maravilloso!!!

Mädchen Amick
{Jury Member}

Beautifully shot and a lovely story of dealing with grief.


Thank you very much everyone for the comments :)
Dream Play-Anshul Dream Play
Directed By Anshul

First Place $2500
Questions After Ed Mabrey-Tony Questions After Ed Mabrey
Directed By Tony

Second Place $1500
Directed By PAME

Third Place $750
Smokeless-Sara Smokeless
Directed By Sara

Third Place $750