Contest Name :Help Wanted, Submission Date :06-25-2008, Uploaded By : Tarun
Directed By :  Tarun Jain, Animator,Oakville,
Shot On: Maya 2008, Edited On: Adobe Premiere,  Crew Members: 3  Duration: 1.76 mins
, , Canada   Views: 676
Inspiration: Rural life in India and children.How children can work out their differences while ,ironically adults cant.

loved this animated classic..one more thing I loved in this film was that boys eyebrows which are exactly like my eyebrows hahaha!!! Keep it up Mate!!!! 
loved the animation nice work 
well done and give a good message :) 
Incredible animation. Very well made film. 
"Help" and "happy."...good job 
i think its a winner.. 
Very nice animation. The stylized characters were just right and the story was sweet and simple. I did at times wish there were a few subtle sound effects but I think your instinct of just having the music won out in the end. 
Endearing with wonderful leisure pace. The animators always seem to have strongest grasp of their work. Michael Daof "Erhart Studios" 
Great animation, very original. 
I appreciated the nuances. I shortlisted this one. Good luck.  
well done mate. nice complete film. 
It's so sweet ! Maxime Pourbaix (The Mojo) 
Great animation... loved the characters desgin! Definately shortlisted. 
sherdian college?? in oakville?? nice nice,, great animation, really loved it!  
love it! specially the title sequence at the end. 
wow so cool. short, sweet, simple, delightful. loved that bouncy music too. 
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very cool man! 
Thank you to everyone for viewing my film.I 
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