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Contest Name :Truth OR Dare, Submission Date :08-04-2008, Uploaded By : Zach
Directed By :  Greg Gasman, Food Co-op Manager,,
Shot On: Sony FX1, Edited On: Final Cut Studio 1,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 2.65 mins
Bemidji ,MN , United States   Views: 5610
Inspiration: It's just another boring day at the office...

Thanks for making this, Zach. I thought it was great. Really deadpan and very very funny. Cheers, 
And the winner for darkest comedy short is... 
And the winner for darkest comedy short is... 
Short Listed. Awesome, hilarious, mesmerizing. Loved loved loved it! I'm a huge fan of really dark comedy and this just rocked my socks off. Great simple camera set-ups and terrific deadpan performances from your two guys. I look forward to seeing more from you. 
The Grim Brothers star in their own office fable. I'll shortlist any film that splatters blood the wall. 
So good! Black splatter comedy... just love it! Well done... 
That was hilarious, well done. 
I like this - There is a kind of Zombiefilm mood over it :-) 
Awesome! Would have liked to see more closeups of the manager guy but this was damn funny...Shortlisted! Randy Hines "Truth and Dare" 
very cool! it could have played as well i think as a scene from just the one setup except the cutaway at the end to the blood. well done! 
I like the simple camera setup and long shots/performances, and the story is excellent. Some friendly criticisms - I was hoping the manager was going to fly over the table towards the camera after catching the shot in the back, and your fake blood seemed a bit too thin, use corn syrup and flour to thicken and you'll get that nice gooey drip. Keep up the good work! 
Thanks for the nice comments everyone. Anthony, we have shot a lot of films with blood - but we watered down this batch because we wanted this to stay as a light-hearted dark comedy and not get into the gore. Thanks though - glad you liked it.  
i like that realy well done  
one nice long shot except for the cut in the end, which was inevitable i guess. nice acting everybody. 
very funny! liked the actors (good job guys and girl screaming) blood could have been thicker at the end, all around fantastic! 
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