I Hate Parties

Contest Name :The Party, Submission Date :12-24-2008, Uploaded By : Lee
Directed By :  Lee Isserow, Film & TV Make-Happener,,
Shot On: After Effects, Edited On: Premiere & Vegas,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.71 mins
London ,England , United Kingdom   Views: 3415
Inspiration: Who doesn't hate parties? This animated film illustrates the anxiety and dread we all have with planning events. A webseries is planned called "Apathy Apartments".

I hate parties, what a great piece of work, loads of humor and very good animation. 
I agree with Rory! good stuff 
a wonderful dark animated short! was this created specifically for this competition? if so, congrats! this is a tremendous piece of work. glad to see an animated film in the mix.  
Hey Brian, The short was indeed made for the competition after much deliberation on the translation of the theme and style of animation. Glad you enjoyed it.  
Love this one. Very dark and funny. ^^ - Dori 
This was just fantastic! Wached it couple of times over, and is still great! Absolutely loved it!!! 
i like this 
Favorite part was definitely the body being dragged down and down and down 
That was great! Timing fantastic, music fantastic and really funny!  
Really clever and entertaining. Congratulations ! 
great job lee, as always 
great SOUND, great voice over, nice pacing, really enjoyed it!  
I didn't think the character was very believable when he was making out with that corpse. Great job, Lee. Your animations are my favorite of your short works. 
just amazing, great sense of humor and a very stylish. Congratulations.  
Love the humor and the style. 
Just Great, love it! 
Excellent as always, Lee !  
Excellent! Dark humor, but great humor, nonetheless. Lovely animation. 
That was amazing my friend. One hell of a job! 
MY LORD. This was from fair the best I have seen in this website. Stunning from beginning to end. STUNNING. 
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