Happy Hour

Contest Name :The Party, Submission Date :01-08-2009, Uploaded By : Tobias
Directed By :  Tobias Dusing, Student,,
Shot On: Varicam, Edited On: Final Cut,  Crew Members: 30  Duration: 1.37 mins
Berlin ,Berlin , Germany   Views: 706
Inspiration: The perfect Party! The only question is, how will you affect it? ...AND HOW WILL IT AFFECT YOU!

Good VFX and style that could well work for a cutting edge commercial. Well done. Nyay Bhushan - India (Mango Shake) 
You clearly have what it takes to put together a great commercial. Loved this. The beginning titles were really creative, and the final shot of the man worked really well. Great visual fx and style. Awesome job. 
You can make it as a commercial director. Got what it takes! 
I like your work. 
very cool the way you shoot the party! had a great watching time watching it! have a look at our short for this competition : "chair on the ceiling" 
Woohoo! This is great! It's a commercial, but a great commercial. (I was hoping it would be more like a trailer, but hey, it works grat this way too..) 
Very good editing 
Most important part was the story nice job. 
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