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Jonas Zimnickas - A Perseverance Story

Contest Name :Documentary Competition #4, Submission Date :07-12-2019, Uploaded By : Alex
Directed By :  Alex Thaxton, Filmmaker,,
Shot On: Sony A7Sii,   Crew Members: 1  Duration: 3.22 mins
Kings Lynn ,Norfolk , United Kingdom   Views: 91
Inspiration: After reading an article online about Jonas, I decided to meet him to find out how he managed to pursue a career in the UK as a fitness coach after losing his leg, knowing no English and battling alcohol and depression.

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Victim of War-Mevlüt
Victim of War
Directed By Mevlüt
3.51 min
Jonas Zimnickas - A -Alex
Jonas Zimnickas - A
Directed By Alex
United Kingdom
3.22 min
Directed By David
United States
1.00 min
Journey To War With -Soheil
Journey To War With
Directed By Soheil
4.52 min
Directed By Emerson
United States
3.12 min
Puppets have no Face-Yasser
Puppets have no Face
Directed By Yasser

3.09 min
Uncle Thanh's Family-Duy
Uncle Thanh's Family
Directed By Duy
United States
5.10 min
Lituka: A Story -Rodney
Lituka: A Story
Directed By Rodney
United States
4.00 min
The man who remember-Bart
The man who remember
Directed By Bart
United States
4.13 min
Game of Chance-Mark
Game of Chance
Directed By Mark
7.07 min
Light Prohibition-Andrea
Light Prohibition
Directed By Andrea
5.02 min