FRESH START Competition

Congratulations to the winners of FRESH START COMPETITION, Filmaka's third competition of the new season!

1st Place Winner: Chastity Thomas for "Moving On"
2nd Place Winner: Prince Mackey for "Do-Over"
3rd Place Winner: Sahra Bhimji for "A Fresh Start"

The three winners receive cash prizes and are eligible to participate in Filmaka's Final Competition to win a chance to make a fully-financed feature film.
"These nine films are so diverse in how they address the prompt "Fresh Start", that they remind you that Filmaka encourages imaginative thinking to solve problems. Even if your entry isn't picked you have given yourself a gift: reinforcement that your imagination holds more than you know if you give yourself a chance to use it." -Bill Pullman
"Filmaka continues to amaze me. The diversity and the creativity of the films in this competition is both surprising and extremely rewarding. The members who submitted for "Fresh Start" come from all walks of life, from all around the world, and this particular contest even seems to have inspired entire families to make shorts together, which is absolutely wonderful." -Thomas Augsberger

A Fresh Start BY Sahra Bhimji
Contest Name: Fresh Start Submission Date :01-08-2018, Uploaded By : Sahra Bhimji
Directed By :  Sahra Bhimji, filmmaker/teacher,,
Inspiration: I wanted to do something really visual. I suppose the inspiration was a little bit "Goldilocks" and a little bit looking at my community around me - such extremes of wealth and poverty. I had a great time making this film but the edit was painful, getting it down to five minutes proved really tough!


Harshvi Tisar

hey Excellent story and content, i can say i am in love with your lead character, intensity on her face simply awesome. Special credit to camera work and curiosity in direction, excellent.

nora reza

I feel that lead actress is fabulous, and the camera work is too. great direction and story. bravo!

Sellami Meliani

Great work! Meaningful, great actress, good composition and editing. May be a soft background music in the beginning of the film would add more emotion (opinion).

Ryan Wolfe

This is great Sahra. I really liked the ambiance and sound.

dawn natalia

Thought provoking...and moving!

Chastity Thomas

Great story!

sahra Bhimji

Thanks for all the nice feedback and positive comments. I really appreciate it.

Miles Crossman

You nailed the #1 thing, story.

Bill Pullman
{Jury Member}

Cool.. Withholding the music ends up adding tension and possibility that something is about to happen.

Thomas Augsberger
{Jury Member}

Loved the performance of the leading lady and your camera movement. Unique and original story, well done!

Alex Suciu

Good job! Real great idea.
Moving On-Chastity Moving On
Directed By Chastity

First Place $2500
Do-Over-Prince Do-Over
Directed By Prince

Second Place $1500
A Fresh Start-Sahra A Fresh Start
Directed By Sahra

Third Place $750