Lost in translation Competition


Congratulations to the winners of LOST IN TRANSLATION, Filmaka's second competition of the new season!

1st Place Winner: Matthew Kalish for "Speechless Nights"
2nd Place Winner: Miles Crossman for "Old World New"
3rd Place Winner: Christina Cannarella for "Stop. Look. Listen" and Nate Bower for "Tradduction"

The three winners receive cash prizes and are eligible to participate in Filmaka's Final Competition to win a chance to make a fully-financed feature film.
" I was really excited by the quality of filmmaking with all the finalists. Each one was unique, thought-provoking and very professional. Because of the diversity of themes and talents picking a winner was very difficult. Congratulations to each and everyone. I hope you go forth in the world of cinema and conquer it."
-Don Murphy

Speechless Nights BY Matthew Kalish
Contest Name: Lost in Translation Submission Date :11-20-2017, Uploaded By : Matthew Kalish
Directed By :  Matthew , Filmmaker,,


Prince Mackey

great work!

Miles Crossman

I like this a lot.

Nate Bower

So Matthew gets first place, looks like we have to battle it out for second...well done.

sahra Bhimji

Well done!

Ryan Wolfe

Very nice work.

Darren Lindquist

Love it! Fun story. Well told.

Alex Suciu

Liked it. Send my regards to Alexandra. It is a beautiful coincidence because I know her since high school.

Deepak Nayar
{Jury Member}

Very funny. It kept me in suspense. I completely believed in the reality of the situation only to be pleasantly surprised at the ending.

Don Murphy
{Jury Member}

Clever twist. Great casting.
Speechless Nights-Matthew Speechless Nights
Directed By Matthew

First Place $2500
Old World New-Miles Old World New
Directed By Miles

Second Place $1500
Stop. Look. Listen.-Christina Stop. Look. Listen.
Directed By Christina

Third Place $750
Tradduction-Nate Tradduction
Directed By Nate

Third Place $750