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We are two brothers from London: Christopher and Paul Kemble. Since receiving a 1st for his final year film and graduating with a BA in Film Studies from university, Christopher has successfully entered several short films into competitions. These include "The Missing"- a promo for the horror novel published by Penguin, for which he received a personal written commendation by the author; "Snuff: Director's Cut"- a two minute horror short that was a finalist in Zone Horror's 2008 horror competition 'CUT'; and "Sleepless"- a short film inspired by the 1950’s film Invasion of the Bodysnatchers, which came third in an international competition run by Universal Studios, the prize for which was a screening at 20th Century Fox in Central London. Paul is co-founder of the fledgling film and theatre production company The Holden Kemble Company, for whom he has directed several short films and commissions, including narrative music videos for bands Silver Springs, Doglobster & Gear. Last year he wrote an original stage-adaptation of Jekyll & Hyde, which he directed at the 2008 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. At the end of its three-week sold-out run, "The Scandalous Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde" was officially acclaimed a “Fringe Sell-Out Show”. Together, we entered the Pros & Cons competition for with a three min short, "Rodeo Clown"- writing, shooting, editing & composing original music ourselves. This was voted through to the final, and we used our prize money to make "Sweet Heart Escape Goat", which went on to win the competition. We have recently finished shooting a 20-minute feature, "The Ballad of Goltho Parish", set in the isolated fenlands of rural Lincolnshire in the mid 18th century. It tells the story of a tough peasant farmer being forced from his land by a cut-throat press-gang of sailors. As the farmer prepares for their brutal confrontation, he is shown comfort and affection by a charming yet mysterious maid, whose hot-tempered passion sparks the film’s darkly magical climax. "The Ballad of Goltho Parish" is an action-adventure folk-tale, and supernatural love story, from an age when superstitions were dangerously real, and justice was served with a bible and a sword. We will begin editing this feature in September

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  • Rodeo Clow

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