Congratulations to the winners of The Set-Up Competition, Filmaka's 3rd competition of the season #2!

1st Place Winner : Marcus Hanisch for "Love Note"
2nd Place Winner: Brady Palubiski for "Ruby "
3rd Place Winner: Tom Alner for "The Loop"

LOVE NOTE BY Marcus Hanisch
Contest Name: The Set-Up Submission Date :01-15-2020, Uploaded By : Marcus Hanisch
Directed By :  Marcus Hanisch, Director,,
Inspiration: A bored lazy girl degenerates in her overdigitalized single apartment. She sends emojis to her love interest, until a power cut forces her to write an analog love note. Will we forget, how to write letters? Will we avoid going outdoor, if there is no more need to, when everything can easily be done from home? There was a survey called ‚Vermächtnisstudie‘. On of its core results says: the younger the people are, the more important real human connections are to them. Analogue contact as a reinvention. The moment of encounter is LOVE NOTE’s climax. A real human connection, empathy, tangency. Magic that can only happen by eye contact. So rare and fugitive. To have this moment as intense and real as possible, the rest of the film is quite over the top. Dark kitsch reminding of Tim Burton drags us into a magic fairy tale world. Cut off from the outside world. The melancholy of hungry fish in a digital fish tank. A strange plush nightmare oversubscribing the return to analogue as a challenge to find relief in a real human kiss.


Gary Tucker

This was a pretty cool film. Very supernatural. The film quality, scores, lighting, and plot was amazing. Very creative film good job!

Deividas Laukionis

Wow this is superb. Top 3 material for sure!!! Everything seems amazing and professional... Really cannot nit pick anything :O Just one thing amazes me.. how did you get such good quality on the website and how would the original render look like!

Rico Shay

This was beautifully shot. The lighting was excellent.

Andrew Parnell

Visual story telling with no dialogue is alway a good way to convey a message, good job

Jarod Hagen

That is a super clean camera and some amazing lighting. Great job.

Raja Gosnell
{Jury Member}

Love the world and photography. Clever lack of dialogue! Actors are super cute together.

Deepak Nayar
{Jury Member}

Liked the fact they extended their creativity!
Directed By Marcus

First Place $2500
Ruby-Brady Ruby
Directed By Brady

Second Place $1500
The Loop-Tom The Loop
Directed By Tom

Third Place $750