Dust & Dreams

Contest Name :08 May Documentary, Submission Date :05-20-2008, Uploaded By : Abhijit
Directed By :  Abhijit Ghosh, Student,1/88, Azadgarh, P.O.: Regent Park, Kolkata,
Shot On: Sony PD170, Edited On: Adobe Premiere Pro,  Crew Members: 2  Duration: 2.98 mins
, , India   Views: 3200
Inspiration: The socially unhealthy atmosphere in which the street children of Kolkata resides and their aimless dreams inspired me to do this film.
Other Info: If these children and young people are to live meaningful lives they need the basic necessities for existence and information about their rights, about the forces that keep them poor and helpless and about the potentials for inevitable changes. Now they are not aware what the future goes for them; they can%u2019t hope or dream.

Brilliant work...I found this film very well researched and very neatly documented. Good camera and superb editing. Its really nice to watch a student's film with such great finish. I request everyone to have a look at this film. my best wishes are with u. good luck... 
Its heart touching. One of the boy's interview where he says "He is telling in between" proves the originality with good craftsmanship. I love this film. Hope someday these children's dream may come true which i think can only be possible with all of our little help. 
Very touching! Thanks! I'm from Rio de Janeiro, and, sadly, we have the same problem here: homeless children and every corner. What is beautiful, for me, is their ability to dream and keep dreaming no matter what happens to them.  
Very good film. I request everyone to care for the future of these little children. Mr. Abhijit, your film brought tears in my eyes. Hope I can do something for this little kids. Thanks to you for this wonderful project. My best wishes are with you... 
Fantastic work. Keep it up..... 
very well movie..looking more from the editor 
this documentary is realy awesome. very well. keep it up 
this is execelent.  
Good work 
Great doco 
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