Neighbors Competition

Congratulations to the winners of NEIGHBORS COMPETITION!

1st Place Winner: Kathleen Peiris for "Won't You Not Be My Neighbor "
2nd Place Winner: Dimitri Djanbani for "Jackpot"
3rd Place Winner: David Yanez for "VENTANAS"

The three winners receive cash prizes and are eligible to participate in Filmaka's Final Competition to win a chance to make a fully-financed feature film.
" Thank you filmmakers! What an impressive and diverse array of talent. Short form film is a wonderful medium that invites questions but is not obligated to provide answers. Quite refreshing indeed. And thank you Filmaka for providing a platform for these emerging voices to be heard."
-Raja Gosnell
" I was impressed with the quality and originality of the winning short film submitted for the Filmaka competition. It is wonderful to know that Filmaka is working to support filmmakers who are diverse in their backgrounds and underrepresented in the industry. It is through support like this that new filmmakers will have an opportunity to emerge as fresh voices and be able to tell their own original stories."
-Tracey Edmonds

Won't You Not Be My Neighbor BY Kathleen Peiris
Contest Name: Neighbors Submission Date :02-09-2018, Uploaded By : Kathleen Peiris
Directed By :  Mithra Alavi, Director / Executive Assistant,,

Won't You Not Be My Neighbor-MithraWon't You Not Be My Neighbor
Directed By Mithra

First Place $2500
Directed By Armaz

Second Place $1500
Directed By David

Third Place $750