Reset Competition

Congratulations to the winners of Reset Competition, Filmaka's 2nd competition of the season #2!

1st Place Winner ($2500 ): Evan Friesen for "Once More, From the Top"
2nd Place Winner ($1500 ): Mohanad Salahat for "Letter to Obama"
3rd Place Winner: ($750 ) Gwai Lou for "No Internet"

The three winners receive cash prizes and are eligible to participate in Filmaka's Final Competition to win a chance to make a fully-financed feature film.

"Clever ideas and good story-telling." -Deepak Nayar

"I keep being incredibly impressed by the quality of work contributed to Filmaka short-form competitions." -Thomas Augsberger

Once More, From the Top BY Evan Friesen
Contest Name: Reset Submission Date :09-29-2019, Uploaded By : Evan Friesen
Directed By :  Evan Friesen, Filmmaker,,
Inspiration: Synopsis: In this date-gone-wrong comedy involving the pausing and rewinding of time, Mark tries again and again to answer his girlfriend's trick question. He navigates through an escalating and repeating sequence of events, trying to find an answer that doesn’t lead to disaster.


darren dowler

Very clever concept. I’m a huge GHD fan and this walks that path. Really like the male actor.

Evan Friesen

Thanks Darren! Appreciate the feedback.

Lauren Hillbrager

I love music interwoven like this

Kyndra Kennedy

So good! Great writing and editing. Love the concept.

Beniamin Lungu

Really clever and fun to watch, great execution, my man!

Niklas Berggren

Great writing! This made me laugh so much haha!

Jared Walker

composed, color and lighting on point, acting great, this is dope! great job!

Thomas Augsberger
{Jury Member}

Really enjoyed the concept, the directing, acting and humor of this piece.
Once More, From the Top-Evan Once More, From the Top
Directed By Evan

First Place $2500
Letter to Obama-Mohanad Letter to Obama
Directed By Mohanad

Second Place $1500
No Internet-Gwai No Internet
Directed By Gwai

Third Place $750