Reset Competition

Congratulations to the winners of Reset Competition, Filmaka's 2nd competition of the season #2!

1st Place Winner ($2500 ): Evan Friesen for "Once More, From the Top"
2nd Place Winner ($1500 ): Mohanad Salahat for "Letter to Obama"
3rd Place Winner: ($750 ) Gwai Lou for "No Internet"

The three winners receive cash prizes and are eligible to participate in Filmaka's Final Competition to win a chance to make a fully-financed feature film.

"Clever ideas and good story-telling." -Deepak Nayar

"I keep being incredibly impressed by the quality of work contributed to Filmaka short-form competitions." -Thomas Augsberger

Letter to Obama BY Mohanad Salahat
Contest Name: Reset Submission Date :10-21-2019, Uploaded By : Mohanad Salahat
Directed By :  Mohanad Salahat, Sweden,,
Inspiration: Synopsis: In a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, two boys decide to send a message to the American president Barak Obama through his Facebook page. They ask him, as the president of the United States, to intervene and end the siege on the Gaza Strip and they invite him and his wife to visit the Strip and witness people’s hardships there. But they never receive a response. They decide to use a small video camera to record a very angry video message addressed to Barak Obama from the people of the camp.


Evan Friesen

Beautiful. Gritty and authentic portrayals and amazing job by the two young boys.

med dakkak

فيلم اكثر من رائع و مؤثر بتشوف حلم طفلان بالحرية .. بطريقة واخراج ولا أروع

Bernard Peasley

Nice job guys, you nailed it perfectly.

Jared Walker

Love this concept, very well done!

Thomas Augsberger
{Jury Member}

artfully done because this type of docu style can easily be melodramatic and off putting but here not at all. Incredibly non-chalante and elegant while truly documenting in style and substance the devastating daily life & death of the inhabitants of this refugee camp.
Once More, From the Top-Evan Once More, From the Top
Directed By Evan

First Place $2500
Letter to Obama-Mohanad Letter to Obama
Directed By Mohanad

Second Place $1500
No Internet-Gwai No Internet
Directed By Gwai

Third Place $750