Reset Competition

Congratulations to the winners of Reset Competition, Filmaka's 2nd competition of the season #2!

1st Place Winner ($2500 ): Evan Friesen for "Once More, From the Top"
2nd Place Winner ($1500 ): Mohanad Salahat for "Letter to Obama"
3rd Place Winner: ($750 ) Gwai Lou for "No Internet"

The three winners receive cash prizes and are eligible to participate in Filmaka's Final Competition to win a chance to make a fully-financed feature film.

"Clever ideas and good story-telling." -Deepak Nayar

"I keep being incredibly impressed by the quality of work contributed to Filmaka short-form competitions." -Thomas Augsberger

No Internet BY Gwai Lou
Contest Name: Reset Submission Date :10-22-2019, Uploaded By : Gwai Lou
Directed By :  Gwai Lou (David Yanez), filmmaker,,
Inspiration: "No Internet" is a story about something that everybody had suffered with equal luck: a hotline.


Nora Novak

Claudia is great! Nice titles, too. :)

Evan Friesen

Funny story, very relatable! Nice ending shot.

darren dowler

Liked this. Actress is good. Writing is good. Editing too.

very relatable. great story. x
Once More, From the Top-Evan Once More, From the Top
Directed By Evan

First Place $2500
Letter to Obama-Mohanad Letter to Obama
Directed By Mohanad

Second Place $1500
No Internet-Gwai No Internet
Directed By Gwai

Third Place $750