Branded Competition
March 20th, 2019 to April 9th, 2019,

“At BASF we are optimistic about the future”

At BASF we are constantly developing and introducing sustainable solutions that address some of the planet’s biggest problems through chemistry; such as the growing need for food, energy and clean water, limited resources and a booming world population. Our purpose reflects what we do and why we do it: We create chemistry for a sustainable future. Our desire to innovate is tireless and our long innovation history is unrivalled. That’s why we believe there are many reasons to be optimistic about the future.

Whilst electric cars have been painted as part of the solution to reducing emissions globally, many people remain wary about their practicality due to range limitations and the time needed to charge the battery.

Besides continuously improving our cutting-edge technologies to reduce powertrain emissions in combustion engine vehicles and investing in improving our leading position in emission catalysts technology, we are working on critical innovations in battery materials that will contribute to the ongoing evolution of e-mobility.

One example of this is that by 2025 we aim to dramatically reduce the charging time and support the development of batteries that could charge in 15 minutes – no longer than it takes to enjoy a quick cup of coffee.

15 Minute Pit Stops

In 2025, it will only take 15 minutes to recharge your car. In these circumstances, what would you do with those 15 minutes to recharge yourself while you recharge your car?

Send in your pitches for a 3 to 5 minute original short film that tells the story about a future where you have 15 minutes to yourself to do whatever you want while you wait for your car to recharge.

A total of 3 pitches will be chosen to make into short films. If your pitch is one of the winners, you will receive a production budget of $15,000 to produce and deliver your short film in three weeks.

Your pitch should be in English and include an original title, a written script, a concept explanation, a budget breakdown of your proposed 3 to 5 minute film, your biography, and links to your previous work. Bids may also include visuals such as story boards, mood boards, or sample images.

The finished films will be promoted through a paid social media campaign and live on BASF’s website.

Shooting Parameters:

Release Forms/contracts will be needed for any artist featured in your film.
Please do not show any branded clothing whatsoever within the film.
If you are hiring a location, please seek a permit.
Please make sure that you personally insure all of your equipment. BASF, FILMAKA and Leagas Delaney Ltd are not liable for your insurance.
Please try to avoid showing shots of people smoking and drinking alcohol.


  • March 20 – April 9: (3 weeks) Pitches uploaded.
  • April 25: Final selection of pitches.
  • April 25 - May 16: (3 weeks): Shorts produced and delivered.
This competition is open to film makers from all countries.

Please click to download the BASF Competition Terms and Conditions, BASF Competition Delivery Rules and Delivery Releases.

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