Contest Name :09 June-July Documentary, Submission Date :06-23-2009, Uploaded By : Lee
Directed By :  Lee Sjostrom, artist/filmmaker,,
Shot On: MiniDV, Edited On: Final Cut Studio 2,  Crew Members: 1  Duration: 2.97 mins
Toronto ,Ontario , Canada   Views: 638
Inspiration: This is a short version of a longer documentary. I'm also now in pre-production with documentaries on individual, interesting artists.

Hey Lee, wasn't that part of what you shot for the Dundas West Art Building Open House or something? Short is good, ha ha, not quite a trailer. 
Yes, thanks Ro :-) 
you are too unsmart to make such a movie 
By the way thanks for your comments on my film 
Thanks, arpan roy :-) I absolutely LOVE being called unsmart! You made my day, ROFLMAO! 
man ur film is realy good. I am just an ameture film maker. Plz dnt be angry on my comment. You r a teacher to me. Lets be friend . Sir plz advice me that what r the lacking things in my film, I will surely improve it. and sir plz forgiv me I am very sory that i called you unsmart. I am very sorry. Plz forgiv me and advice me 
LOL, Arpan :-) If you'd looked at my profile, you'd know I'm a woman not a 'sir'... Of course I forgive you. It's not about that at all... When you enter a film into a competition, you do need to follow the rules. Your film is 'a bit' too long as well as really not a documentary, but maybe a docu-drama? 
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Dubkasm - Transform
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