A Chance

Contest Name :Fresh Start, Submission Date :01-09-2018, Uploaded By : Harshvi
Directed By :  Harshvi, Architect ,,
Shot On: canon 550,   Crew Members: 6  Duration:
mumbai , , India   Views: 2819
Inspiration: Inspired by true events..

Some beautiful shots but I was not really understanding the connection to the theme. 
hey Sahra thanks for your comment. 
this story is of a mother who is in old age home waiting for her son to take her back home and allow her enjoy her Granny phase of life.  
Sometimes i am so busy in time and money challenges of my life that i think my old parents are additional burden on me.  
i need to change my thought process and give a fresh start to a life to live once again.  
If the story is how I am imagining it then it was very emotional and sad, but not in a bad way. Great job, 
yes you are imagining it right. Reality is tough sometimes. Thanks Michael for your appreciation. 
Love the visual demonstration, good job Harshvi  
Hey Andrew, thanks for appreciation :) 
I was very moved by your story, Harshvi. 
Hey Natalia your words mean a lot to me. Thanks dear 
Very sad. I was hoping to see them unite but I guess thats life. Good job  
i am happy people like us understands for a better tomorrow. Thanks Ryan. 
Aww, Sad. 
Hey Chastity thanks for feeling the emotion. 
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