Holiday Drive

Contest Name :Fresh Start, Submission Date :01-15-2018, Uploaded By : Ryan
Directed By :  Ryan Wolfe, Filmmaker,,
Shot On: Canon 60D, Sony A7s, Phantom 3,   Crew Members: 2  Duration: 4.35 mins
Pasadena ,CALIFORNIA ,    Views: 1487
Inspiration: We really wanted to make a fun holiday film while following the theme and taking a few risks. Happy New Year and keep chasing your dreams :)

Nice one! End is best... great job 
Good work. Real touching film 
Impressive drone footage, Great job  
Great work Ryan, I really like this one.. 
Love the pretty lights. Unbelievably wowed for me. 
Creative & Interesting  
This was very clever and creative. Love the beginning and the ending. It kept me engaged during the entire film. Actors were great, the audio was superb, and storyline was genius. Awesome Job!!!!!! 
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